About us

Mesgum is a polish company that produces rubber goods. The elements we produce are used mostly in automotive industry, home appliance, energy or gas industry.

For the past 30 years we’re doing our best to make sure, that cooperation with us is always held at the highest level.

ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949 certificates we have obtained make us a reliable business partner. Years spent in the rubber goods industry gave us experience and allowed us to develop technologically, as well as expand the team of our specialists. Thanks to that, the effects of our work are appreciated by the customers from all over the globe. It’s important for us, that Mesgum will only be associated with the highest quality of services, timeliness and punctuality and individual approach to each project, irrespective of the size. We try to exceed our clients expectations, we regularly train our employees and constantly expand our product range.

We look forward to working with you!

Our history

The company started its activity in 1984 in Zielonka. Founded by Mieczysław Włostowski, at first it only did a small-scale production of rubber and rubber-metal elements for one supplier, the FIAT concern. As the years went by the group of our clients significantly increased, and the small “backyard” business changed into a dynamic company. Thanks to our dedication and reliability Mesgum slowly started to become one of the main producers of rubber goods in Poland.

In 2009 Mesgum gained a new Business Development Director, Krzysztof Włostowski. It was a breakthrough for the company, which in the upcoming years will be undergoing an extensive restructuring, and one of the first changes it will experience will be moving into a new production hall situated in Kobyłka, near Warsaw. Together with the new location Mesgum also expands its machine park, introduces new production technology that allows to diversify the services which results in revenue increase. In the meantime Mesgum regularly undertakes quality audits carried out by its main clients, can boast of ISO 9001 (since 2002) and ISO TS 16949 (since 2013) certificates that make the company a reliable and serious business partner.

On the 5th of February 2015 the company finished the process of converting from being a działalność gospodarcza to a limited liability company. From that moment we can observe a period of dynamic growth and upcoming investments, which will make Mesgum a leader not only on the European, but also on the Global market of producers of rubber elements.

1984 - The beginning of WAZG MESGUM

The origins of the Mesgum Company date back to 1984, when Mieczysław Włostowski started his own business based on the production of rubber components. He gained his technological experience in Warszawskie Zakłady Nowotki, which at that time dealt with the construction of engines for tanks. Knowledge and skills obtained at that company induced him to make a decision to start a new stage in his life, which was entering into the rubber industries.

In the mid-80s, he established initial contact with the Fiat Group with the help of the former craftsmanship cooperative at Zielonka. Shortly after, the Mesgum Company bought its first vulcanising presses, which started the production of spring brackets for Fiat 126p.


In the early 90s, Mesgum’s development was gaining momentum. This was due to commencing talks with Iskra Kielce, one of the largest bearing manufacturers in Poland / Europe / the world. A freshly signed contract consumed Mesgum’s entire production capacities at that time. After that, more than 1.5 million bearing seals were manufactured each month.


In the mid-90s, following the acquisition of Iskra Kielce by a Japanese capital group, Mesgum terminated the cooperation with existing suppliers, making a risky decision to launch the production of sealing products based on FKM / FPM rubber for the FIAT Group.

Over time, it turned out that the risk paid off, and a small, family-owned company called Mesgum became one of the leading fluoride manufacturers in Poland.


Due to the increasing quality requirements, the W.A.Z.G Mesgum Company decided to implement the ISO 9001 quality management system together with the automotive standards.


Due to the noticeable stagnation of development, W.A.Z.G Mesgum started the process of analysing and restructuring the company. Krzysztof Włostowski, the son of Mieczysław Włostowski, was responsible for its course. One of the main objectives was to verify the structure and policies of the company, determine the strategic assumptions and the restructuring plan.


Krzysztof Włostowski became the Development Director

The first stage of restructuring:

  • Modernisation of the old plant located in Zielonka
  • Start of cooperation with Grupa PSA
  • Purchase of the first ENGEL injection moulding machine, dedicated to the production of parts on the basis of FKM


This was a year full of challenges, training and learning associated with injection technology. At the beginning of the year, the installation of the first injection machine bought in 2009 took place. The next step was the development of the cold-channel blocks technology, which guaranteed an improvement of the production process and reduction of waste. This automatically translated into cost optimisation.


Thanks to the aforementioned actions, the company made a quick decision about buying the ENGEL vertical injection moulding machine. In order to provide a more precise control of the manufactured products, Mesgum invested in the development of the measuring chamber. The main purchase was the Mitutoyo video-microscope.


Due to the continuous development and increasing demand for production and warehouse space, Mesgum began the construction of a new production plant with an area of 1200m2. The investment was also the result of the development of the quality management system and the requirements of our customers.


The new production hall with an area of 1200m2 was commissioned. The year 2013 was also the period of self-improvement, and hence the implementation of the next stage of certification relating specifically to the automotive market. The company was developing the ISO/TS 16949 quality management system and became authorised to manufacture for OEM customers. In addition, two new ENGEL and MAPLAN injection moulding machines were purchased and the ERP and EDI system was launched.


The machinery park was expanded with new injection moulding machines with a locking force of 400 tonnes. As a result of a large number of moulded parts, the company recognised a bottleneck in the process of cleaning and selection of the final product. To increase the productivity in this production area, the company decided to implement the cryogenic treatment of the final product. Thanks to the aforesaid technology, the productivity increased to a few hundred thousand units of the final product per day.

Goals and strategy

During 30 years of company’s existence it has transformed from a small, family business into a large, modern factory where we use the newest production technology and which meets all quality standards required from global recipients. Since forever Mesgum’s goal was exceeding clients expectations, suit their needs and keeping high standard of services. We try to constantly develop and modernize our production, so the products we offer will be of highest quality and will meet the safety standards. In order to achieve this we work on machines known all over the world such as ENGEL or MAPLAN, we carefully select our suppliers, and our employees undergo thorough trainings in terms of production techniques and maintenance.

Since the year 2009, when we purchased our first ENGEL injection molding machine, which was at that time dedicated to FKM based production our machine park has significantly expanded. One of the new purchases was machine for cryogenic processing of rubber elements. Since the year 2011 Mesgum invested in a measuring-checking laboratory equipped for example in a video microscope, that allows precise and accurate measurements of elements that we provide to our clients.

In 2013 together with the implementation of ERG and EDI system Mesgum had also earned ISO TS 16949 certificate, that officially allows the company to produce for OEM recipients. While extending its product and service range and with the expansion on markets such as automotive, gas industry or home appliance, Mesgum increased the number of employees and started the implementation of RCP system to have a better outlook on the work dynamics in the company.

All those changes that had happened and those that will be happening in the incoming years aim at making Mesgum a perfect partner in B2B cooperation in the field of infecting rubber elements. In the next few years we plan to extend our service range and start a production for sectors such as TPE processing, thermoforming and also start manufacturing precise metal elements.


Expansion history

The success and international expansion of Mesgum is a result of constant attention to market needs. Also, the company has not forgotten about taking action related to the development of the local market. Thanks to Mesgum’s dynamics, in a few years, we have built a company with a global reach.

2009 – national scope

2015 – global scope (17 countries / 55 clients)


Market requirements:

On Client’s request, Mesgum carries out UL Certification for the finished product and raw material.

A wide range of compounds research possibilities according to the ISO, ASTM, DIN, EN standards

Proposed delivery conditions: EXW, FCA, FAS, FOB according to Incoterms 2010


Market requirements:

Individual approach to each Client. Flexible adaptation to the market needs.

A wide range of compounds research possibilities according to the ISO, ASTM, DIN, EN standards

Proposed delivery conditions: EXW, FCA, DDP, DAP according to Incoterms 2010


Market requirements:

Adapting to the harmonised systems of mandatory certification of products, including Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe. Carrying out an appropriate classification of the product, including all the required studies and approvals.

A wide range of compounds research possibilities according to the ISO, ASTM, DIN, EN standards

Proposed delivery conditions: EXW, FCA, FAS, FOB according to Incoterms 2010