Value chain

Value chain is the effect of our self-improvement process. Thanks to the right company structure we are able to react swiftly to changes in market demands, it’s variability and on the individual needs of our clients. Wide availability of the materials and investments in the newest technologies allow us to reach highest level of effectiveness. All this, together with the highest quality of products, allows us to strengthen our global competitiveness. Maintaining full control in our value chain ensures durability of our business, which results in long-term cooperation with our clients.


Request for proposal
Feasibility analysis of the project

Individual approach to every client no matter the size of the order. For conducting a proper feasibility analysis of the project we need:


Acceptance and project implementation

Thanks to precise planning we are able to guarantee optimal time of implementation of a given project on particular stage.


Acceptance of materials/components/tools

Mesgum has a wide range of renowned suppliers, which come across expectations of our clients.

Material base
Based on previously set criteria on the selection of the material, the decision is made about the acceptance of the materials that will be needed for the production.



Wide product range ensures our company a competitive advantage on home and international markets, while our sales flexibility allows us to quickly adapt do client’s demands and economical conditions.


Quality control

“Quality is a state of mind, which results in constant searching for best solutions”

William Edward Demning



Adjusting individual logistic solutions to individual client’s needs.



Customer’s content is our biggest satisfaction and motivates us to further development.